※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement - Product drawings / images / parts are representative only and are subject to change for improvement
Product Model 0.5(t) 0.8(t) 1(t) 1.5(t) 2 (1S) 2 (2W) 3(t) 5(t) 6(t) 7.5(t) 9(t) 10(t) 12(t) 15(t) 20(t) 30(t) 40(t)
Chain Block DSN            
EX DSN                        
Lever Hoist NDM                    
Plain Trolley DP                      
EX DP                        
Geared Trolley DG                  
EX DG                        
Wire Rope Winch DW                              
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