Perfect for heavy duty usage designed to last long with powerful operation.
Product Disciption Electric Hoist Dual Brake Hoist DSA & EDSA


Perfect for heavy duty usage designed to last long with powerful operation.
  • A strong, high-performance product suitable for long-term use
  • Dual brake system (mechanical + electric motor brake)
  • Upper and lower over-winding prevention device
  • Unique chain guide system that protects hoist from damage (when load chain wear and foreign materials on load chain)
Dual Brake System
Dual Brake System
Secured with dual braking system, disc type motor brake 
working with mechanical load brake provides load lowering 
control. Electric brake is designed for easy access and simple 
Load Sheave / Chain Guide
Load Sheave / Chain Guide
Full floating chain guide assures proper engagement 
of chain on load sheave. Features 4 or 5 pockets for 
better distribution of the load.
Heavy-Duty Hoist Motor
Heavy-Duty Hoist Motor
The hoist  motor is high torque design and is rated 
30-minute duty. Class F motor insulation and standard 
thermal motor protection is included. 
Upper and Lower Limit Switch
Upper and Lower Limit Switch
Prevent overwinding by stopping operation in the case 
of overlifting or overlowering.
Adjustable dual lifting speed as well as dual traversing speed by 
variable frequency drive is available with EDSA/EDSM series from 
1ton to 20ton. It is perfect type where precise and accurate lifting 
solution is required.Very silent and smooth lifting operation with 
great durability replaces conventional pole change type dual speed 
hoist.Speed setting can be adjusted upon customer request / 3 step 
lifting speed is optional.
Gear Box & Oil Lubrication
Overload Alert(Option)
Weather Cover(Option)
Load Chain
Chain Container
Push Button Control
  1. 01
    Gear Box & Oil Lubrication
    The gearbox utilizes an alloy steel helical and spur gear reduction. Gear inspection and lubrication is easily accessible from the top of the hoist.
  2. 02
    Load hook is forged carbon steel hook with a heavy-duty hook latch.Thrust bearing in hook allows 360 rotation to prevent twisting of load chain.Top Hook, for hook suspended hoist is rigid.
  3. 03
    Overload Alert(Option)
    Installed as load detecting safety device to help prevent overload for greater hoist longevity
  4. 04
    Weather Cover(Option)
    Hoist weather cover is a practical product that increases the longevity of your hoists perfect for seasonal and permanent installations. Protect hoist in outdoor use.
  5. 05
    Load Chain
    G80 load chain is case hardened and has a high resistence to wear and corrosion.Longer lifts are available per requirement. Breaking load limit with more than 5 times of rated load.
  6. 06
    Chain Container
    Chain container is standard equipment molded with thick polypropylene material to securely contain the chain and chain lubricant. Optional containers are available for long lift applications.
  7. 07
    Push Button Control
    Compact design to enable one-handed operation. Rated IP64 protection. Emergency stop button is included. Push button cable has strain relief to prevent cable damage.

Product specification

Name Dual Brake Hoist
Model DSA & EDSA(Inverter type)
Production items 1t,1.5t,2t,2.5t,3t,5t,7.5t,10t15t,20t

• Weather Cover 

• Overload Alert 

• Inverter 

• Chain extension optional (Load chain) 

• Push button length extension optional

• Traversing Limiter or Drop Stop & Rubber Bumper

Product Features

• The Dual Brake type chain hoist is manufactured for 

heavy industry. Excellent performance even in places 

of frequent use this product is the standard model 

for domestic chain hoist market.

• Dual brake application 

(mechanical + electric motor brake)

Product safety is enhanced by applying mechanical 

brake and DC solenoid type electric brake. 

•  Upper and lower over-winding prevention device

A device that blocks the motor operation by rotating 

the chain guide when the chain stopper spring touches

the upper and lower ends. 

Product Video

DAESAN Daul Brake Hoist
We made a video explaining the characteristics of Daesan powerful hoists and precautions for use.
DAESAN Inverter Hoist
Daesan inverter hoist models are marked with an (E) in front of the model name. EDSA & EDSM are available for powerful hoists. This video provides further details on the advantages of inverter hoists.

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